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Visual Auction allows you to run an Ebay-like site customized as needed.

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Live Auction Software

AB7 enables auctioneers to allow internet users to participate in a real-time auctions with video.

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Penny Auction Software

VPA3 lets you run your own real-time, exciting Penny Auction!


About Us

Beyond Solutions has been a leader in auction software innovation since 1997. We recognize that creative minds can come up with unique ideas so we are able to provide software customizations for any of our auction packages.


Blockchain-based Software

Blockchain technology can be integrated into any of our auction software packages. This will enable you to store auction transactions on a secure blockchain!


Compare Auction Software

Compare price ranges and a variety of factors such as reliability, scalability and whether or not the software is customizable.

Hold any type of event from a live auction to an online experience with our customizable products.

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Our state of the art auction engine is used in sites across the world including Bidville (now Ubid). Get your free demo today and find out more.


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NOTE: Beyond Solutions is a Christian company and run according to Christian values. We do not use this as a marketing ploy but we feel it is important to disclose this from a spiritual perspective. Does this mean we never make mistakes? No, like any other company we make our share but we always try to address any issues that may arise in an appropriate and expeditious manner. We highly value our customers and are striving for 100% customer satisfaction with our products and services. Regardless of your faith we will deal honestly and professionally with everyone. :-)